Performance Branding

We focus exclusively on direct response and customer acquisition for our in-house brand, AutoBrush

Meet Our Team

Basis differentiates itself through its company culture. In order to maximize the creative process, we've created a company atmosphere that encourages our team to innovate. Open discussions regarding campaign strategy are held regularly and critical thinking is highly praised. This open-minded way of operating ensures our own expectations are exceeded.

Chris "Roll Tide" Lander

Founder & CEO

Cori "Gumby" Taylor

Director of Paid Media

Jonathan "The Barber" Roth

Conversational Marketing Analyst


Chief Security Officer

Romeo "Mr. Magic" Chuffe

Creative Manager

Kaleb "Boss Baby" Loftus

Marketplace Manager

Atul "The Interpreter" Shastry

Customer Experience Manager

Camila "Carlos's Mom" Londono


Ariana "Rosie" Ziskin

Sr. Brand Manager

Kristen Moser

Retention Marketing Strategist

Tiffany Johnson

Content Marketing Manager

What We Do

Our mission is ambitious but such ambition is necessary to maintain congruence with the innovation of our brands and products. Nothing great ever came from mediocrity and that's why our goal is to disrupt the dental industry. We aren't entering the market with the same tired recycled ideas. We dreamt up AutoBrush with purpose and pursued it into execution.

We aren't farming out our marketing, we aren't outsourcing our creativity. We don't have clients, we loathe distractions. We are a hands on full-stack marketing company. We create, manage, and own everything we touch. We do it all from research & development, manufacturing, design, branding, marketing, media, sales, and customer service, for every brand we create. We won't let anything slow us down, hamstring our agility, or tarnish our customer experience, and the best way to do that is to do it ourselves.


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